Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Japanese Learning Program

I have just joined a new Japanese language learning site. I found it stimulating and it has provided a great experience. I won't explain it as you can go to the site and read and listen to the demonstrations. I will give you my experience and reaction to it. I will still continue to use Lang-8, but I think except for having a language partner to study with, this new program is the best. I have spent a lot of money on programs and looked at many sites, but this site, which is free is the best.

I think because this is a fairly new program, there are some mistakes in either the Japanese or the translations. I only found this out by reading other, more advanced, students' posts, who send corrections to the moderator. I would like to have you leave a reply post to this blog and let me know what you think, especially if you are in the strong intermediate and advanced stage of your Japanese learning. One reason I like this program is that at my advanced-beginner level, it seems this is more conversational in its teaching. I could change my mind about this program as I use it more. I will keep you informed.

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  1. ぼくは えいごの べんきょうの ために つかってますよ^^
    でも、、やっぱ、しゃべる チャンスが ないのは いたいですよね。