Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why I (we) twit and blog

I found I was reading twits, blogs, twitting and blogging more and more. I had some insight suddenly and I really feel that most of the time it is for the following reasons:
1. To relieve stress
2. To relieve boredom
3. To put off doing something (usually more important)
4. To make myself feel important
5. To make myself more liked/loved

I was following someone who was quite witty, appeared very intelligent, was an artist and author, and had some good comments. But the twits were so numerous (and I do mean numerous), the most numerous of anyone I have watched or followed. Sometimes the number of twits were so great it would have been impossible for me to read all of them without spending an enormous amount of time. This twitter, sometimes, complained that work necessary for making a living was suffering for all sorts of reasons. Why would anyone twit this much and allow the income producing work to be set aside? My opinion is the twitter wanted to feel important and witty. I no longer follow this person.

This same person did a blog review of a book. The review was well done, but added no insight or new thoughts to several other reviews that had already been done. I think, once again, this person needed to feel important and possibly more loved/liked.

I think my blogs and twits are mostly for the same reasons and after castigating myself and reflecting, I will do less twitting and blogging. My stuff sucks and has no real meaning to anyone but myself. Blogging about my life was done at a time that I was under some stress. It did help relieve that stress, but I now realize nobody else would really be interested in what I said. I also thought it was well done and would be something others would enjoy reading. After re-reading it about 1 to 2 weeks later I felt nobody is going to read such a long blog about a person they don't know. About the only thing I get out of twits and blogs is the opinion of others about news, books, some movies, and items that make me laugh.

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  1. Nonsense, young man. Keep blogging. your blog on why you blog (giving a very one-sided, negative view of the enterprise), prefigured in a twit I picked up, makes me want to read the blog. You have discovered humility. Now blog like mad.

    I gather you have suffered some medical problem which I will need to read about in past blogs. That is a worth while thing to blog about. I have had relatives with much experience in Japan and there is much to be written about. The difficulty of understanding the politeness system and all the problems you have faced in learning it would be a great topic.